Brief History of our Company

Our Company was incorporated as Amber Enterprises India Private Limited, as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.

Our Company was converted to a public limited company on September 22, 2017.

From a single factory in Rajpura, Punjab, that commenced operations in 1994, we have today grown to 10 manufacturing facilities across seven locations in India. Our manufacturing facilities have a high degree of backward integration and are strategically located in proximity to our customers' requirements.

Major events and milestones of our Company

  • 1990Our Company was incorporated as a private limited company.
  • 1994The first factory at Rajpura was established
  • 2001-02Started manufacturing RAC as OEM
  • 2003-04Started Dehradun Plant for RAC manufacturing
  • 2004Dehradun Factory Unit - 4 established and started manufacturing of sheet metal components for captive usage
  • 2005-06Started manufacturing MWO
  • 2008Started Noida Ecotech Unit - added Plastic extrusion & vacuum forming in product portfolio
  • 2007-08Started manufacturing heat ex-changers for captive usage & supply as component
  • 2009Dehradun Factory Unit – 5 was established – to build on capacities for ODM , finished goods
  • 2010Kasna Unit, Kalamb Unit and Pune Unit established – started sheet metal component supplies to customers
  • 2010Dehradun Factory Unit – 6 was established - to build on capacities for ODM , finished goods
  • 2012Jhajjar Unit was established – to expand geographical presence & add new customer base
  • 2012 Acquired PICL – a electrical motor manufacturing company
  • 2013 ~ 2016Major Focus on Product range expansion in ODM finished goods category